Man hailed for saving wife over mother

During boating accident, man towed better half to safety first

CHINA: A man who was involved in a boating accident with his wife and mother was caught in an impossible situation. He was in a position only to save either his wife or his mother.

As things happened, he was able to tow his wife to safety first, reports Asia One.

He was flayed by his family members while the public called him a hero for being a devoted husband.

However, to be fair to the man, he did go back to save his mother after he pulled his wife towards the bank and she was safe. The doctors said that if he would have been a few seconds late, the family would have lost the elderly woman.

The man's father was furious with him for not reaching out to his wife first and he ripped the younger man apart.

The man admitted to the daily that he had never thought that he would have to face such a situation in his life. He claimed that although his wife had never asked him the question of whom he would save if he ever faced such a dilemma, he had thought in his mind that he would not let his mother go.

However, when confronted with a situation of life and death, he chose to rescue his wife first. He claims he did that because his wife was closer to him and it was easier to reach out to her first.

Meanwhile, in an online poll conducted by, almost 54% of the 19,562 respondents on the survey overwhelmingly supported the man's move to save the loved one closest to him. A paltry 2,963 people sided with his dad.


Baldness drug turns man into woman!

US: A balding man claims that consuming the generic version of a baldness drug turned him into a woman.

The software engineer in the US took anti-hair loss pills for nine months and now finds physical and psychological changes in himself.

Initially, he noticed that his hard chest was turning soft and then his shoulders got a feminine tilt and his hips also turned wider.

Followed by such physical changes, the 38-year-old software engineer noticed that he started getting attracted to other men, something that had not happened earlier to the father of a five-year-old child.

Propecia apparently slows down the conversion of testosterone, resulting in increased estrogen. It is also linked to sexual problems such as impotence, loss of libido and “genital shrinkage” as well as cognitive impairment, or “brain fog”.

The irony is that his hair growth was minimum while other changes in his body has turned his world upside down.


Doc arrested for raping schoolgirl

INDIA: A 16-year-old girl was allegedlly sexually abused by the doctor whom she was consulting. The medical man apparently even threatened to kill her if she revealed anything about the incident to anyone, reveals NDTV.

The incident occurred when she was undergoing treatment in a private hospital in the sourthern city of Madurai.

Police have registered a case of rape, wrongful restraint and criminal intimidation against the doctor.

Both the accused and the victim have been asked to undergo medical tests.


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