Man in dock for attacking neighbour's puppy

A British expatriate beat up his neighbours five-month-old German Shepherd puppy, knocking out one of its teeth, heard the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The 50-year-old engineer, however, alleges that his act was in self defence - a claim the dog's owner's refuse to buy, reported '7Days'.

A relative of the dog’s owners, told the court: “It was about 9.30pm and I heard the dog howling in pain. I looked out the window and saw the neighbour hitting Max.”

The accused is charged with burglary, consuming alcohol and torturing an animal. He denies assaulting the puppy but admitted to the drinking charge.

The dog was treated at a vet for swelling to its gums and left eye and was also missing a tooth.

The defendant, though, claims that he was acting in self-defence, saying: “I opened the window to clean it and the dog attacked me.”
He added: “The dog barks non-stop day and night. I told my neighbour to move it away from my window.”

The case has been adjourned.

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