Man in UAE weds woman in Egypt via internet

An Egyptian man who could not leave work in Sharjah to get married at home wedded via Skype, an advanced voice-over-internet service.

Mahmoud Mohammed Abdul Hafeez sat in front of his computer at his apartment in Sharjah and established a Skype connection to his bride’s home in the northern Mediterranean port of Alexandria.

At the agreed time, a Maazoun (Moslem cleric) came to the bride’s home and began the wedding rituals through Skype, which allows users to communicate with others by voice, video and instant messaging over the internet.

“It was difficult for me to get leave from work in Sharjah and travel to Egypt for the wedding, the date of which was agreed on by our families,” Abdul Hafeez said, quoted by the Arabic language daily Alittihad.

“I had no choice but to use Skype…..the wedding was attended by many guests at my bride’s home…I and every one was happy.”

Abdul Hafeez said the family intends to hold a wedding party for him in Alexandria but added it would not be through Skype again.

“I myself will travel and attend the party, the date of which will be set shortly…I will be with my wife soon,” he said.


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