Man sends ex the same text each day for three years

Photo: Twitter

A man has been sending his ex-girlfriend the same message every day for three years and set an alarm to remind him.

A bitter ex-beau, who is only known as Picasso, has reportedly been posting a string of messages reading "I hate you" to his previous partner at the exact same time every day for the past 36 months.

Picasso posted a picture on his Twitter account of a text where he repeatedly bombarded his former flame with the three words.

The male also shared a screenshot of his alarms for the day, with one listed as "Tell Your Ex you Hate Her. She Ain't S**t (sic)" alongside the 7.45am time slot, to remind him to send the message at the specific hour every day.

He captioned the social media upload: "I've been texting my ex everyday at 7:45am for 3 years straight to remind her that I hate her. (sic)."

However, the unnammed ex girlfriend can't believe the male is not over her and their relationship and is desperate for Picasso to stop.

An image of their conversation showed her reply, which read: "Can you not send this every day. It's been three f*****g years.(sic)."

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