Man unknowingly sleeps above sharks

Photo: Bang

A man was left stunned when he realised sharks had been swimming under his bedroom while he was staying in a water bungalow in Indonesia last month.

Páll Sigurðsson set up an underwater camera underneath his temporary home on Kri Island in Raja Ampat because he was intrigued by the exotic fish hunting for food around his tropical abode, but he couldn't believe his eyes when he watched the footage back and discovered blacktip sharks had been paying him a visit at night.

Posting the clip on YouTube, Mr. Sigurðsson said: "Took this video of sharks swimming under my bed. There were black tip sharks swimming under the bungalows on high tide and I tried catching it on camera."

Blacktip sharks are usually sceptical of humans and will tend to stay away, but they have been known to attack if they feel someone is trying to take their food.