Medical graduate thinks young blood could fight ageing


A medical graduate believes young blood injected in to the elderly could help fight ageing.

A medical graduate wants 600 young volunteers to give blood to help elderly patients to 'fight ageing'.

Jesse Karmazin, a medical graduate, strongly believes using the bodily fluid from people aged 16-25 on older people could make a difference to their appearance and reduce the visible signs maturing have on the body.

Jesse recently launched a start up called Ambrosia and is currently asking people for $8,000, which is approximately the equivalent of £6,500, to be injected with 1.5 litres of blood from a donor of the selected age group.

Speaking about his latest project to Business Insider, he said: "Some patients got young blood and others got older blood, and I was able to do some statistics on it, and the results looked really awesome.

"And I thought, this is the kind of therapy that I'd want to be available to me."