Mother lets partner rape her daughters

Woman pleads guilty to child sex offences even as the man pleads not-guilty

AUSTRALIA: A mother who could win the 'worst mother in the world' title, pleaded guilty to child sex offences recently for allowing her partner to rape her daughters while pretending to give them sex education.

The two girls went through the trauma of being sexually assaulted for two-and-a-half years.

The 43-year-old woman deliberately led her daughters into a situation where they were abused by the man in her life.

The Australian news website reported that one of the girls told the court that once while she was being abused, her mother told her that it didn't matter if she was not in the mood since she would just have to learn 'this stuff'.

The Courier-Mail last month revealed the the 51-year-old stepfather had pleaded not guilty to 23 sex offences, including two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 16 and 13 of rape, between March 20, 2005, and October 8, 2008.

The stepfather's lawyers argued in court that he could not have had sex with the girls as he had undergone a major back surgery around the same period and hence it would have been almost impossible for him to exert himself.

Facebook comments trigger catfight

SACRAMENTO: About 30 women were involved in a physical fight over some comments posted on social networking site, Facebook.

One witness told CBS Sacramento that women had come armed with baseball bats and candle holders. Those who did not have any weapon, used their fists on others.

The incident occured on Grand Avenue and Clay Street. All the women had fled the scene by the time the police responded to calls and reached the location.

It is not known exactly what led to the street fight, which did not really surprise the store owners nearby.

Only two in 30 received major injuries, thanks to innovative weapons used. They required stitches at the nearby hospital.

Napkin removed from woman's womb

INDIA: A woman who underwent a cesarean section surgery to have a baby in the Indian town of Latur in Gujarat had to go under the knife yet again to remove a napkin that the surgeon had left inside her womb during the first procedure.

After having her baby, she was discharged and sent home. However, she complained of severe pain in the lower abdominal area and her condition was getting worse by day, reports NDTV.

The doctors told her that there was some serious problem and they would need to perform another surgery to check what was wrong.

The doctors solved the mystery behind her suffering when they opened her up and found the napkin lying inside her womb. It was a case of sheer negligence on the part of surgeons.

Burglar offers trade-off with victims

WASHINGTON: A burglar who broke into a home and stole valuables had the cheek to call up the owners a few hours later. The reason: he wanted to trade-off selected stolen items in return for a few things of his own that he had left behind during his outing.

The robber made a call from a mobile phone that he had stolen earlier, reports Yahoo! 7.

His only request to the victims of robbery was that they should not inform the authorities about his call or his exchange deal.

The robber was keen to get his own things back because he had left some papers behind which could help the police officials to lead to him.

Earlier, the burglar had fled the scene of the crime because the moment he had entered the home he had come up against the lone occupant of the house who happened to be a former Marine. When the resident of the house said that he had a gun, the burglar ran for his life, leaving his identification papers behind in a bid to make his escape.

And when the burglar returned to the home to claim his property, he found police officials waiting for him.

Married at childhood, bride fights for annulment

INDIA: A girl who was forced to tie the knot at the tender age of one with a boy who was aged three then has come out and in a one-of-its-kind case in India, and managed to get an annulment.

Child marriage, though illegal in India, still prevails in certain rural pockets of the country. The girl often remains in her parents' home until she reaches puberty and is then taken amid great celebrations to her husband's family.

Laxmi Sargara hails from a village in Rajasthan and is now 18 years old.

She received the shock of her life when her in-laws came to take her to her marital home. She had been blissfully unaware of her 'married' state until then.

The girl refused to accompany her in-laws. She was adamant that she wanted an annulment since she had been married off at an age when she could not give consent.

"I was unhappy about the marriage. I told my parents who did not agree with me, then I sought help," Sargara told AFP. "Now I am mentally relaxed and my family members are also with me."

Despite resistance from home, the girl travelled from her home to the nearest city Jodhpur, where she approached a non-profit organisation to help annul her marriage.

Her 'husband' who works driving an earth-mover, at first wanted to press ahead with the relationship but was convinced by his wife's fierce opposition to agree that the marriage should be revoked.

The marriage was annulled through a joint legal document signed by the two parties and validated by a public official in Jodhpur.

The annulment took place on the same day as the Akshaya Tritiya festival, a traditional date for mass child weddings.

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