Mum chops a year's worth of vegetables

Photo: Bang

A mum has chopped a year's worth of veg and stored the produce in her freezer so she can save time for herself and her family.

Her freezer now contains an incredible 65kg worth of veg including 20kg of potatoes, 15kg of carrots, 15kg of sweet potatoes and 10kg of tomatoes.

She posted on her Facebook page: "Veg prep for what feels like the next year.

"Carrots: sliced, roast chucks and chopped. Potatoes: chunks, sliced and diced for mash. Onions: sliced, chunks and onion rings.

"I do it so I don't have to waste time every night chopping up veg for dinner, as we all work and I have university and the two kids have after school sports.

"It's not pre-cooked, just raw, and the roast vegetables turn out great. Just thaw them out the night before - and the diced up vegetables are perfect for the slow cooker and spaghetti etc."

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