Mum wants to change one-year-old son's name

A mum has revealed she now hates her one-year-old baby's name and wants to change it.

The mother named her baby Ezra due to family pressure but now wants to change it to Jarrah because that was what her heart really wanted.

The unnamed woman wrote on Mumsnet: "I had a name picked out for my son that I had always planned to call him.

"After giving birth, I found out no one in my family approved of the name and in a horrid mixture of pregnancy hormones and anxiety, I instead chose a random name the doctor suggested.

"I am a single mother with no father figure in my child's life, so probably cared far too much about the opinions of my family members."

"I've decided after much heart ache and soul searching to change his name to what I truly wanted to call him, the name I feel suits him better than his current name."

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