Patient sent $44.8m bill by hospital

Patient sent $44.8 million bill by hospital

NEW YORK: One New York resident had his heart in his mouth when he received his hospital bill whopping $44.8 million. This almost made him sick again.
Alexis Rodriguez, 28, had visited Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Cente for pneumonia threatmen. He took the service of outpatient and the bill should have amounted to no more than $300.

Rodriguez is one of the several hundred patients getting billed for tens of millions of dollars because of a computer error at the New York City hospital.
Initially, Rodriguez thought the bill was legitimate. Last spring he had received a large bill when he was hospitalized for pneumonia for three weeks — but obviously not a large as this bill.

The error occurred because the company that prepares the bills had mistakenly put the invoice number in the space where the invoice amount should go.

The hospital representative said that an apology letter is being sent to everyone who received such bills. 


Angry ex-husband bites off woman's lips

INDIA: In a bizarre case, a divorced couple in the Indian city of Ahmedabad have hit the headlines. When the wife refused to get back to her husband and the latter retaliated by beating his spouse black and blue and biting off her lips, reports The Times of India.

The 27-year-old woman uregently needs plastic surgery and is admitted in hospital as the husband took off one- third of her right upper and lower lip as well the corner of the mouth and spat the flesh on the road during the assault.

The woman needs the surgery not for merely cosmetic purposes but so that she can eat and hold her saliva, a plastic surgeon told the daily.

The victim can barely speak in her present condition. The couple got divorced merely after one month of marriage when the wife realised that her husband was an alcoholic.


11-year-old boy fakes own kidnap

MUMBAI: Everyone gets the exam fever but staging a self-kidnap at the age of 11 to avoid taking an English exam is surely a bit extreme.

The grade six student thought of this innovative way to avoid appearing for a tough exam, reported The Times of India. However,  he was caught and he ended up telling his interrogators the truth and sitting for the dreaded test.

The boy was scared of taking the test as he was ill prepared for it and he had received a scolding from his father for poor performance at school.

In an extreme measure, he made the plan to buy some time to do revision but was caught by Mumbai police.


BA crew mistakenly play recorded crash message on flight

US: Passengers were in tears, fearing "cold, watery grave", after cabin crew mistakenly announces jet will land in the Atlantic.

A British Airways flight from Miami to London gave its passengers the fright of their lives when the crew mistakenly played a crash message on its PA system.

The passengers were told the plane was going down and they should brace themselves for an emergency water landing, reports Daily Mail.

Moments after the announcement, a crew members announced their error in playing the wrong message. Although this helps calm down the passengers who had started to panic, many feel the airline had played down their concern.

Passengers complained that the crew were allegedly blasé about the situation and did not explain the error until hour later upon landing at Heathrow Airport.

Meanwhile, an airline spokesperson confirmed the incident and said the crew apologised during the flight.


Son lived with his father's dead body for five months for benefits

UK: A 28-uear old man in Lancashire was arrested after a tiip-off that he was living with his father's dead body for five months in order to claim his state benefits.

According to the post-mortem, the the 54-year-old man died in November 2010, reported Daily Mail. The man's dead body was recovered by the police in March 2011.

Within those few months, the son had already claimed £2,000 in benefits by withdrawing the amount from his father's bank account.

The son has pleaded guilty.


Flight diverted to Florida for 'unruly' couple

ATLANTA: Officials say a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica was diverted to Tampa, Florida, on Sunday evening after a couple from Germany became unruly.

Delta spokeswoman Chris Kelly Singley said Flight 414 departed Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 6 pm on Sunday and landed at Tampa International Airport at 7:34 pm. The captain made the call to land, the spokeswoman said. After the "unruly" passengers were removed, the plane went on to Costa Rica, she said.

Tampa International Airport spokeswoman Janet Zink identified the passengers as Peter and Gabriele Strohmaier of Dusseldorf, Germany. She said they were seated in first class and demanding food and champagne and refused to sit down.

Zink said no charges had been filled. The FBI and Transportation Security Administration were investigating.

Reached at the Tampa hotel where the couple was spending Sunday night, Gabriele Strohmaier said that a Delta crew member "exaggerated enormously and felt terribly insulted" after her husband raised concerns about the food and beverage service.

She said her husband had asked for a glass of champagne, but was told it was all gone. She said the crew member then walked away rather than listen to his concerns. She denied that she or her husband was told to sit down and refused.

"No, we were not standing," she said.

Peter Strohmaier, who identified himself as a lawyer, said he "did nothing except to say I would like to have the meal and so on...all normal things."

He said the Delta crew member told him she was not pleased with his attitude.

"I am not prepared to accept such behavior," he said, adding that in the end he didn't get champagne, a meal or even water. The couple had flown to the US from Germany earlier in the day.

Gabriele Strohmaier said the couple need to "take another airline, naturally not Delta" to get to Costa Rica



Eight arrested for trying to smuggle gold in their... butts

SEOUL:  South Korean customs officials say they have arrested eight men over a scheme to allegedly smuggle gold out of the country by hiding it in their rectums.

The Korea Customs Service said Monday the men allegedly transformed $260,000 in gold bars into small beads and smuggled them in their rectums to Japan two times in 2010 to avoid import taxes.

South Korea says Japanese custom officials caught the men on their second attempt and sent them home after imposing fines. Later, one of the suspects allegedly orchestrated an unsuccessful bid to smuggle gold bars from Mongolia to Hong Kong using a similar method.

Meanwhile, South Korean officials gathered evidence against them at home. They say the suspects recently admitted to the smuggling after initial denials.


Weatherman fired over 'Hangover'

PHILADELPHIA: Weatherman John Bolari will remember his 2010 trip to Miami for the rest of his life.

He lost his job, lost $43,712.25, and his dignity due to this trip to Miami Beach in March 2010.

According to Bolaris was approached by two beautiful European women at a sushi bar. He took shots with the women and also lost track of time.

Next thing he remembers waking up alone and proud owner of a painting. Shortly after he received a call from his new friends informing him that he purchased the painting at an auction. All these happened on the first night he was in Miami.

Bolaris again agreed to join them for another night of marry making.

The next morning, Bolaris woke up alone with no memory of the previous night and the painting nowhere to be found.

When he returned to Philadelphia he discovered he had purchased bottles of champagne every 15 minutes, including a $2,500 bottle of Cristal Vintage and a $3,120 bottle of Dom Perignon.

Additionally, he had used his American Express card to buy a $2,000 tin of caviar. The painting cost him $2,500 plus and a $500 tip. The grand total came to $43,712.25, with AmEx refusing to reverse the charges.

Eventually the FBI got involved and opened an investigation.

17 members of the Russian mob, who are accused of scamming at least 88 men in South Beach have been indicted. AmEx settled Bolaris’ tab and paid him a reported $100,000 in damages.

A spokeswoman from Bolaris news station said that the parting was a mutually agreed upon once Bolaris’ tale hit the mainstream media. 


Wife attacks husband then falls to her death

A loud argument between a couple ended tragically when the wife slashed her husband with a chopper, then fell to her death from their flat.
The husband, Mr Ng Tiong Lam, 59, confronted his wife when he was informed about her being friendly with other men. Soon a quarrel erupted between the husband and wife.
Boon Soon Leng, 48, threatened to slash her husband with a chopper.
She charged at Mr Ng and slashed his arms and his ear before slashing herself. She then ran out of the flat.
Boon went to their neighbour Mr Soo looking for help.
When the neighbour saw Mr Ng covered in blood, he told them to call an ambulance.

A commotion broke out again between them, with the couple and their son shouting at each other.
When paramedics arrived, Madam Boon was nowhere to be seen. Mr Soo went to the kitchen to look for Madam Boon and heard a loud thud.
He then saw Madam Boon lying at the foot of the block.
Mr Ng (husband), who runs a waste oil disposal business, said he was still in shock over her sudden death.
AsianOne reports that the police have classified the death as unnatural and are investigating.

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