Puppies find 65-million-year-old sea fossil

Two puppies found a 65-million-year-old fossil of a mysterious sea creature.

Jon Gopsill, 54, couldn't believe it when his two dogs - Poppy and Sam - made the remarkable skeletal discovery as they enjoyed a walk along a beach in Stolford, Somerset.

He told the Telegraph newspaper: "I thought it was obviously a fossilised sea creature, possibly an ichthyosaur. It doesn't have a head, I have look around but I can't find it.

"It has been there for at least 65 million years... I realised straight that it was amazing, museum-quality stuff, as soon as I saw it I knew I found something special.

"I was just blown away to see it there. It really is incredible that is has survived for such a long time and is now just there for everyone to see."

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