Python and bat battle to death

Photo: YouTube

A gigantic python was filmed clutching onto a bat while hanging from a tree and was seen trying to eat the winged-creature whole.

The footage was taken in Brisbane, Australia, and shows the two animals locked in combat while hanging from a tree.

Although the winged animal is trapped in the snake's grasp for half an hour, the snake eventually gives up and drops the winged-creature to the ground.

Tony Morrison, who shot the footage, posted it onto his Facebook page, and wrote: "This snake could not get past the wings, so after half an hour he just dropped the bat on the ground.

"We eventually moved the snake down the road into bushland because it was in an area where kids would cross to get to school. (sic)"

The average size of an adult is roughly 6.6ft, but the creatures can grow to 13ft in length.