Seven-month-old baby becomes US mayor

Photo: Bang

A seven-month-old baby has become the youngest mayor in America.

The tiny tot - William Charles McMillian - is known to locals in Whitehall, Texas as Mayor Charlie after being given the honorary title with an inauguration in front of around 150 guests at the city's community centre.

The baby has his own customised oath of office, which was administered by Frank Pokluda.

It read: "I, William Charles McMillan, do solemnly promise that I will faithfully execute the office of the Mayor of Whitehall and will to the best of my ability:

"Be kind to everyone on the playground, promote life, adoption and good, clean country living, pave all the gravel roads, take cookies to the Volunteer Fire Department, catch the biggest catfish, and preserve, protect and defend the community of Whitehall, so help me, Mom and Dad!"

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