Sisters assault man, BBM pics to friends

Two sisters, aged 19 and 20, lured a man into their apartment in Birmingham and sexually assaulted the 22-year-old for one and a half hours after forcing him to drink cider.

The girls forced the man to strip by using a fake gun and demanded that he perform sexual acts, reports Daily Mail.

 Images of the man with learning difficulties being sexually assaulted by the two girls were forwarded by the attacking duo via BlackBerry Messenger to their friends, adds the daily.

The incident came to light only after the police officials used hi-end technology to trace the images circulated to one of the sister's phones.

The sisters were jailed for seven and five years, respectively, for the victim's humiliating assault and for the kicks and punches that he had to tolerate. He was also tied to a radiator with handcuffs during the assault.

When the police checked the girls' phones, they found more disturbing images whch led them to suspect that the siblings had tortured other men in a similar way and this was not their first or last victim.

Both sisters would be registered as sex offenders for life.

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