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Sisters branded 'most annoying twins in world'

Two identical Perth sisters who share a boyfriend have been branded "the most annoying twins in the world" after appearing on UK breakfast television.

ITV This Morning host Phil Schofield was given the surprise "gift" of interviewing Anna and Lucy DeCinque on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old pair had been hidden under a sheet and then unveiled, to Schofield's apparent bemusement.

The twins claim to have spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on plastic surgery to look the same, and share a boyfriend, 31-year-old mechanic Ben Byrne.


When asked how they navigate being in a relationship with the same man, the twins said "there was never no jealousy".

"If he kisses me he kisses her straight away," one said.
"He needs a lot of energy but he gets double the love," agreed the other.

Schofield's muted reaction was shared by This Morning viewers, who mercilessly tore into the pair.

"The world's most identical twins? The world's most annoying twins," wrote Twitter user Charisse.

"These twins are so annoying they actually try far too hard to talk at the same time and they fail," wrote user Em, also on Twitter.

The sisters appeared on SBS program Insight in March, revealing they plan on getting pregnant together so their bodies can be the same.

The twins said they eat identical meals of the same size and undertake the same fitness regimes.

"If she walks a few metres, I need to walk a few metres because we have to burn the same calories," Lucy said.