Snake slithers into family's washing machine

Photo: AP

An escaped pet snake slithered into a family's washing machine and came out the other end smelling like fabric softener after.

Sanela Kamencic told WMAQ-TV she was "totally creeped out" when the cheeky reptile entered her home for an unintended spin.

Police Officer Pedro Carrasco and Animal Control Warden Jason Pound brought the snake to the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital for an examination and, according to Jason, the snake "smelled like Downy" after it survived the cycle.

Veterinarian Melissa Giese said that despite the ordeal, the snake was "in pretty good shape" and "really feisty."

The corn snake - named Penelope - belonged to a 12-year-old boy who lives nearby.

He was eventually reunited with his potent pet.

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