Sri Lankan man's tree-top protest


A man climbed a huge tree in protest to get his wife down from Jordan who is not paid her salary for several months.

The incident which took place on December 11, at Havelock Town, Gower Street, Colombo, where the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) is located.

The man from Nugathenna, Thunmodara area, at about 11.45pm climbed the tree to protest.

According to Gossiplanka website, the husband of the maid employed in Jordan, has complained to the SLFEB officials several times about his wife’s employer who is not paying her salary and not letting her return to Sri Lanka.

According to him, the plea to repatriate her from Jordan fell on deaf ears.

Unable to resist further, the angry man climbed the tallest tree in the vicinity of the SLFEB in protest. He was screaming at the officials to listen to his plea.

Police officials rushed to the scene and held discussions with the man who continued sitting on the tree branch.

They promised that they would take action regarding his wife.

On that promise the man climbed down the tree ending his protest.

Japanese who distorted picture of National Flag remanded

A Japanese national, Sinsir Kaviseemao, was remanded by the Mt Lavinia police when he tried to post a stock of picture postcards depicting the National Flag of Sri Lanka after giving it a ‘twist’ – changing the Lion symbol into a ‘panda’.

According to Gossiplanka, he ‘redesigned’ the Lion symbol of the flag to a ‘panda’ , standing front of the post office counter at Mt Lavina.

An official at the post office to whom the cards were handed over, was shocked to see the distorted national flag.

What he saw was instead of Lion carrying the sword, a ‘panda’ carrying a sword.

He immediately informed the police who had arrested the Japanese. When the police raided his hotel room they had found another set of 130 such postcards.

The Japanese national pleaded that he had printed the greeting cards for the coming 2013 New Year and not with any intention of defaming and distorting the Sri Lankan National flag.

The suspect was produced before the Mt Lavinia Magistrate who had ordered him to be remanded till December 30.

[Flag picture courtesy: Gossiplanka]

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