Stud-on-the-farm male goat shocks UAE farmer by giving milk

Animal had been used to breed with most other female goats on the farm

A male goat was found to be giving milk like female sheep at a farm in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain and its UAE owner described it as a miracle.

Naser Al Alawi said he first noticed the male goat was oozing milk two months ago and that it started to produce milk through its udders regularly, although the animal had been used to breed with most other female goats at the farm.

He told the semi-official daily Al Ittihad that he had bought that goat from the local market three years ago but that he had not noticed physical problems in the animal.

“I could not find explanation for this phenomenon which I consider a miracle. I still have not drunk any of the milk as I sent it to the laboratory for test,” he said.

“This one has been one of the best and most productive male goats I have as it has bred many baby goats at my farm.

"I will wait for the lab test results in the hope there will be any explanation for it.”

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