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18 July 2024

Teacher pregnant by schoolboy, weds him and is over the moon


AUSTRIA: A 43-year-old teacher is pregnant after having an intimate relationship with a 16-year-old boy for three years. 

The woman was arrested for having sex with a minor. But the court suspended the woman's sentence when the boy told the court that the couple are in love and they plan to get married.

The affair was exposed after the boy, Erwin, told his stepfather and he reported the woman, originally from Croatia, to police.

The couple could have avoided the entire legal hassle if they had delayed their relationship by four months and waited for the school boy to turn 14. The legal age for entering into relationships in Austria is 14.

The boy said that the court made him out to be a victim when that was not the case. He claims that he made all the moves on his teacher. The woman already has a daughter who goes to the same school and is a year younger than the boy.

The couple got married after the legal cases were over and are expecting the baby in June.

The teacher said that the pregnancy was planned and she is over the moon. 

Adult star insures asset for $1m

BRITAIN: A successful adult star in Britain has insured his manhood for $1 million only. Los Angeles based Keiran Lee, from Derby, took a policy with Lloyd's of London.

The firm is known for insuring Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan's vocal cords and Betty Grable and David Beckham's legs in the past.

The policy worth  645,000 pounds is an insurance against any mishap. "I had to have a medical exam to make sure I was all fit and healthy," the Sun quoted Lee as saying.

However, the irony is that in case of any untoward incident, the insurance money will go to Lee's boss. 

Crocodile swallows girl

KUPANG: A wild crocodile swallowed a 10-year-old girl while she played in a river with her father in eastern Indonesia, the second death in the same place in two months, a local official said Friday.

The girl was swimming in Wailolong river on Thursday when the large crocodile suddenly appeared, swallowed her instantly and disappeared into the water, said Viktor Mado Waton, Lembata district head in East Nusa Tenggara province.

"They only found the girl's clothes three hours after the incident, some 200 metres (650 feet) away from the attack site," he said, adding that her family members were still trying to find the body.

"Her father saw this shocking scene as he was only five metres away in the water."

He said the father and the girl's teenage brother were hunting turtles in the river while she was playing.

A 12-year-old boy was killed and eaten by a crocodile in the same river in early December when he was playing with his friends, Waton said.

The district head said he has warned locals of the danger and he will work with police to shut the area off to prevent another incident.

Boy watched as pet kitten beheaded

AUSTRALIA: In a horrific altercation between two neighbours in Australia, a boy watched as his neighbour beheaded his kitten in front of him.

The 41-year-old man committed the atrocious act in a fit of rage thinking his 11-year-old neighbour had jumped on the roof of his car, reported Herald Sun.

The neighbourhood dispute took a turn for the worse around 9pm when the man grabbed the kitten that belonged to the young boy and just twisted its head off.

Other neighbours told the daily that it was a terrible thing to witness. The man was charged with cruelty to anuimal and for making threats. He was also charged for being in a drunken state.

Prisoner escapes from jail after boasting about it on Facebook

TASMANIA: Two young and notorious criminals have succeeded in jailbreak and are on the run.

What is more weird is that one of them had updated his Facebook page a few days back and boasted he would get out of jail.

The police authorities are on the lookout for the duo named Kyle Leslie Lynch, 19, and James Peter Sampson, 22.

A Facebook page in the name of Kyle Leslie Lynch posted a comment earlier this month: "Is getting out sooner than yas think boys. Its gonna be on!"

Cops nab man on his wedding day

INDIA: A man who was about to get married to his new lady love when he was arrested by the police authorities on charges of rape and fraud.

He was in an intimate relationship with another girl for six years, reports The Times of India.

The girl came to know about the man's impending nuptials and lodged a complaint at the nearest police station as the man had ditched her despite promising to marry her.

The police arrested the man after a tip-off fom an anonymous source.

Viagra used to perk up plants

US: If you are keen to make your cut flowers stand on end for longer, you could give Viagra a try.

Apparently, the chemicals in the sex drug help the plants stay upright for a week longer than those simply kept in water.

The host of Garden ER on Channel 5, said: Just 1mg of Viagra – there are 50mg in a single Viagra tablet – dissolved into water with your plants will make them last a week long.

‘Viagra contains nitric oxide, which slows down the dying process in plants. The same chemical relaxes the muscles in a man’s penis, allowing the blood rush which is how Viagra perks things up.

‘Soluble aspirin works in the same way, too. Put one tablet into some wilting flowers and the effervescence will prolong their life.’

Meanwhile, scientists are working on a version of Viagra for plants. Till then, make do with what is available.