Vets revived a 3-year-old frozen cat

Vets in Montana were able to revive a three-year-old cat that was nearly frozen to death after the poor cat was found in a hard-packed snow bank.

The owners of Fluffy said they came home to find their pet in a hard-packed snow bank, and it appeared that the animal had been sitting in one spot for a long time while the blowing snow drifted up around it.

Fluffy was brought in last week unresponsive with a body temperature that would not register on the clinic's thermometers, Dr. Jevon Clark of Kalispell Animal Clinic said: "She's crouched down looking like she's hunting something or something's in the snow bank.

"And then they realized, oh my gosh, she's not moving."

Photos: AP

The vets warmed the cat using towels, cage warmers and intravenous fluids.

When the cat started growling, they knew the poor animal would be okay.

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