Video: Sheep jumps off building to escape slaughter

Film shows the sheep got stuck by its horns in a power cable before it was recovered

A sheep feeling the knife was about to slash its throat shot off its owners on top of a building in Saudi Arabia and jumped down. But it was caught by its horns in a power cable before it was recovered by owners a minute later.

A U-Tube film carried in regional newspapers showed the ram was hanging by its horns in the power cable off the building in Makkah during Eid Al Adha, when millions of Moslems converged on the holy city for their annual pilgrimage season.

Newspaper said the incident attracted a large crowd and one described it as “one of the funniest incidents” during the Haj season, when many Muslims slaughter sheep as a sacrificial tradition for Eid Al Adha.

After nearly one minute, owners managed to grab the sheep and pull it back up to the roof of the building. It was not clear whether it was sacrificed.

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