Wedding crasher was arrested after interrupting a couple's first dance

Photo: File

Sadie and Adam Dajka reportedly tied the knot at the Grand Plaza Hotel in St. Pete Beach and while the ceremony went off without a hitch, the reception saw an unexpected guest in attendance.

Mark Allen Saunderson allegedly slipped into the event and began drinking, dancing with other guests at the party.

When the newlyweds hit the dance floor for their first dance, wedding photographer Val Ritter experienced a bizarre interruption.

Ritter told Fox 13: "It was the first dance, and I was taking pictures of my bride and groom.

"I feel [Saunderson] behind me doing some kind of dance or touching me and trying to get my attention. I've had wedding crashers, but they've never been that aggressive.

Guest Jan Vanpolen added to WFLA: "The bride thought it was hilarious. The groom did not. Neither did any of the groomsmen."

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