Wedding photographer has revealed the 'red flag' that shows your marriage won't last

A wedding photographer has revealed the "red flag" that shows your marriage won't last.

One Reddit user - who often photographs couples tying the knot - revealed that there are many hints a marriage won't last - and recalled one incident in which a groom actually flirted with her and her assistant, during the ceremony.

The user wrote: "Red flag: The groom winking at both my assistant and I during the ceremony.

"He was not winking in the sense that he might have been tearing up or had something in his eye but there was a part in the ceremony where the couple sat down and he would lean his head back in his chair look past his soon to be wife and wink at me or look over his left shoulder and wink at my assistant. It was bizarre."

According to recent separation statistics, 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce.

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