Wife attacks 'unfaithful' husband at mall

She warned those who tried to intervene to stay away

A Saudi man made the mistake of his life when he went into a shopping mall and left his mobile phone in the car with his wife.

Just as he stepped into the busy mall in the eastern province of Ihsa, the suspicious woman picked his mobile phone and went straight into the inbox messages.
Her suspicion that her husband has not been faithful to her came true as the inbox included scores of messages from women unknown to her.
“The woman was mad and could not wait for her husband to return to the car…she rushed inside the mall, picked a large stick she found near the main gate and ran towards him,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alsaudeh said.
“When she reached him, she stopped and said to him ‘you traitor’…she then brought the stick on him as scores of shoppers watched in amazement…she kept hitting him and warned those who tried to intervene to stay away.…when they grabbed the man to take him away, she rushed to a nearby shop, brought a pottery and smashed it on his head…the husband had no choice but to run away with a bleeding head.”
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