'Witch' beaten to death to wake up woman

Raipur:  A middle-aged woman was beaten to death by her neighbouring family who believed she  had cast a spell on one of their members.

The deceased, who was sleeping in her house at the time of the incident, was dragged by the suspect out and beaten to death, reported Times of India.

According to the police, her neighbour’s sister-in-law suddenly fell unconscious and when he tried waking her up, she began uttering the name of the deceased woman.

The suspect believed the deceased woman was the cause for his sister-in-law’s ill health and rushed into her house and dragged out the sleeping woman yelling at her to cure the unconscious relative.

He told police that as he thrashed the woman, his sister-in-law’s condition started improving.  SO he continued hitting her, and she ultimately died.

He shows no remorse about his acts, said police.

Police have arrested four of his family in connection with the case.

More arrests are possible after the autopsy results come, police added.

Witchcraft Prevention Act was introduced in state in 2005, but awareness is still a far cry among people in remote areas of the state.

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