Woman abducted, raped by 5 men for 5 days

Five men abducted an Egyptian woman, locked her up in a deserted room and raped her for five days before she was found by the police.

Police and the civil defence rushed to the room in a deserted area in the western town of Makkah after receiving a call that a woman was screaming for help.

Civil defence men used heavy machines to smash the door and save the woman, who was tied up and in a “very bad physical and psychological condition.”

“She told police that she was kidnapped by five unknown men who took turns in raping her for five days,” Sabq newspaper said without identify the woman.

Child raped by three men in Saudi

Three Saudi men kidnapped a 14-year-old African girl and took turns in raping her just after dawn in the Gulf Kingdom before police raided the place and arrested one of them.

The girl was walking back home in the western town of Makkah when a 20-year-old man stopped his car and offered her a lift, which she accepted. He then took her to a deserted place and phoned two friends.

Residents phoned the police after hearing the girl scream. One of the rapists was arrested and was interrogated about the whereabouts of his friends.


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