Woman asks to deliver baby five weeks early as it wasn't her husband's

Photo: Bang

A white woman tried to deliver her baby five weeks earlier as it turned out the tiny tot didn't belong to her husband.

Lacy Windham, a doctor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, found herself in a problematic situation when a white patient begged her to deliver her little one five weeks early because she wanted to hide the fact she'd been unfaithful to her spouse - who thought was already five weeks overdue - while he was away in the armed forces.

Speaking on Quora, Lacy said: "A patient wanted me to deliver her baby five weeks early. The mum-to be's husband was in the armed forces, and had been deployed for the entire duration of his wife's pregnancy. He had done the math, she was already overdue.He couldn't understand why we were letting her pregnancy go so long. But he was not the father of the baby. And she was trying to keep this a secret."

Lacy refused to deliver the baby early and, as a result, the man discovered the truth when he walked over to see his baby shortly after it was born to find out it was black.

Lacy added: "She and her husband were white. The father of the baby was not. We couldn't help but stare at her husband as he walked over to the baby warmer.

"We could see the moment he figured it out."