Woman flushes $555,000 won in lottery

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Germany: A woman flushed down $555,000 (Dh2.08m) she had won in a lottery after celebrating her win.

Angela Maier, received a bill from a hospital where her husband passed away, charging her the outstanding amount.

The hospital heard about her win and decided to send her the bill.

Maier who was already in an inebriated state was furious on seeing the bill and flushed all the cash down the drain instead of letting anyone have it.

She later agreed to pay the hospital $5,500.

Man runs back into burning house to save Xbox

Kansas: A man who managed to narrowly escape a house fire, ran back inside to save his Xbox, Geobeats TV reported.

However, the man found it difficult to exit his house for the second time due to thick smoke.

He was rescued by firefighters and is now in stable condition. He lost his home, but there is no word on the fate of his Xbox.

Man bitten by shark, stitches his wounds

New Zealand: A man bitten by a shark, stitched himself and then had a drink before going to the hospital, Geobeats reported.

James Grant, who is a doctor went spearfishing, when he suddenly felt someone tugging his leg. He ignored it assuming that one of his friends were playing a prank on him.

He soon realized that he was being attacked by a shark and with the knife he already had in his hand, James attacked the shark.

When he noticed his wounds, he grabbed the first aid kit he had in his car and stitched his deep wounds.

Grant successfully made it to hospital with blood dripping all over the floor.

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