Woman stuck between toilet wedge

A woman who got wedged in between a toilet and a wall had to be rescued by a fire crew.

A woman had to be rescued after getting stuck between a toilet and a wall.

The lady's embarrassing state was one of 1,132 toilet rescues performed by fire crews in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2013 and resulted in the fire service having to dismantle the lavatory to get her out.

Mick Flanagan, 52, one of the fire crew who rescued the woman, explained: "We had a lady who had fallen between a toilet and a wall and we had to dismantle the toilet.

"It was a bit comic at the time because she was a bit tipsy and laughing.

"We just unbolted the toilet which gave her and us space to help her up. Thankfully she wasn't injured."

[Image via Shutterstock]


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