Husband keeps dead wife in freezer for years

Suspect, who runs a fish-processing company, abandoned the woman's body in a freezer at his working place

TOKYO: An 80-year-old man was being questioned in Japan on Wednesday on suspicion of strangling his wife and keeping her body in the freezer for up to 10 years, police and media reports said.

Masaichi Yamada, who runs a fish-processing company, was arrested in the northern Japan port of Kushiro early Tuesday when the frozen corpse - still fully clothed - was uncovered.

"The suspect maliciously strangled the victim with a string-like object at their home and abandoned her body in the freezer at his working place," a spokesman for police in Hokkaido told AFP by telephone.

It was not immediately known when the murder took place, the official said, adding the woman would have been 71 years old if she was alive today.

Yamada reportedly confessed to the police he killed his wife during an argument at their home "sometime between 2002 and 2006" and carried the body by car to the factory.

Police searched the factory after the dead woman's brother said he had not been able to contact his sister for several years. (AFP)
7-year-old raped, video posted online

ITALY: A seven-year-old child has been raped repeatedly by a US marine. The man not only committed the horrendous act, he also taped his act and posted the video online.

The 28-year-old soldier has been arrested by police in Pisa and thrown behind bars, reports news agency IANS.

The man's victim was the daughter of a friend. The police investigated his home and found pornographic material on his computer.

The little girl's teacher identified her from the video clip.

(Image courtesy Shutterstock)

Porn actor wanted as body parts found around the country

A porn actor is wanted in a gruesome case of dismembered body parts that were mailed to different places including the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada, police said Wednesday.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, is wanted for homicide, Montreal police said at a news conference.

According to an official close to the investigation Magnotta worked as a porn actor and there is video of the crime. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly about those details.

Magnotta, believed to originally be from Toronto, was renting an apartment in a working-class Montreal neighborhood. It was behind that building that police found a man's torso in a suitcase in a heap of garbage Tuesday, police said. That same day, a foot was found in a package mailed to the Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa, and a hand found at postal warehouse in the Canadian capital. The package with the hand was addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada. Early testing shows the three body parts come from the same man, police said.

"Some police officers have never witnessed a crime such as this," Montreal Police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said.

Lafreniere said they are investigating the possibility that other body parts might have been mailed. He said the suspect and the victim knew each other. He said it isn't linked to organized crime.

The packages with the foot and the hand had been mailed to Ottawa from Montreal. It wasn't clear why.

"As a father, I would have trouble sleeping at night knowing that the suspect was in my neighborhood," Lafreniere said.

Police said Magnotta is also known by the names Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov. They described him as white, 5.8 feet (1.78 meters) tall with blue eyes and black hair.

Police discovered the severed foot after Jenni Bryne, a top political adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, opened a bloodstained box at Conservative party headquarters Tuesday.

When Bryne opened the box, a foul odor overcame the office.

"It was such a horrible odor. I'm sure many of us will not forget it," Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey said.

Police said the package was addressed to the Conservative Party of Canada and not to a specific person.

Canada Post wouldn't comment on the discoveries.

Eric Schorer, the manager of the building where the suspect lived, said Magnotta had been living there for about four months but hadn't been seen around in a while. He said there were never any complaints about noise in the unit, and that Magnotta passed a credit test to rent there.

"He seemed like a nice guy," Schorer said.

Richard Payette, who lived across the hall from Magnotta, said the door of Apartment 208 was left open for part of the day on Wednesday. Payette said there was an overwhelming smell drifting out into the hallway, like bad meat.

An online video purportedly showing what looks to be Magnotta shows him committing violent acts against kittens. The video contained at least one photo of him made available by Montreal police Wednesday. For nearly two years, the name has been notorious among animal-rights activists looking for a man who tortured and killed cats and posted videos of it online.

In Ottawa, political staffers were keeping a nervous eye on the mail.

"It's very upsetting," Opposition New Democrat member Yvon Godin said. "It could be just one crazy person that did it, but at the same time we have lots of people unhappy in our country, the way the country is going."

Opposition Liberal member Justin Trudeau called the packages horrific.  (AP)

Woman commits suicide over wedding party
An Egyptian woman has just finished getting ready to go to her cousin’s wedding. When her husband refused to go and asked her to stay at home, she stepped out to the balcony and threw herself to death from the fourth floor of her apartment in Cairo before the eyes of her two children.

Police said they detained her husband after her brother said they had an argument just before she committed a suicide.

Neighbours said they saw the woman’s two daughters, 8 and 6, scream and wanted to follow their mother before they were stopped by their father, according to newspaper in Egypt. (STAFF)

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