Man married to identical twins... and their cousin

US: A 43-year-old man has double trouble and more. The man is married to 42-year-old twins who share more than their physical looks. The man is also involved in a polygamous marriage with the twins' cousin.

The group has 24 children among them, reports Daily Mail.

The family is fundamentalist Mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah, and in their religion "all three women are equally married" to their common husband, reveals the daily.

The twins are not bothered about sharing their husband. In fact, during their teens they say they used to be attracted to the same guys and even wondered if one day they would be married to the same guy. They do realise that some siblings might not be comfortable about sharing their spouse with each other.

However, they believe that is a husband is compatible with one sibling, it is more likely that he would be the same with the other.

The man married one of the twins and their cousin in 1990. He married the other twin in 2000.

Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states of America.
Girl, 6, goes tanning with mommy, mother arrested

US: A mother of a six-year-old girl child was arrested when her daughter told the school nurse that she was sunburnt when she went tanning with her mother. The girl has fair skin, light eyes and red hair. The perfect features to get sun burnt whenever over-exposed to the harsh rays of the Sun.

However, the mother told CBS that she never took her tanning to salons with her although she goes for those sessions as she likes tanned skin. She claimed that her daughter got sunburnt when she spent too much time playing outside in the sun... with sunblock on.

The mother was charged with second degree child endangerment in Essex County in New Jersey.

According to the New Jersey state law, it is prohibited for those under 14 to go tanning and those under 18 cannot indulge in tanning in salons without parental consent.

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