No workers' blood for capitalists: Greek union

A Greek union that frequently accuses industrialists of "drinking the blood" of workers on Monday announced a blood donation drive solely for the country's working class.

"We are creating a blood bank ... Our blood is for the needs of our class," the Communist-affiliated All-worker Fighting Front (PAME) said in a statement.

"We know what is needed. The blood of the working class will only be made available for the needs of our co-workers. We do not give it away to capitalist profiteering," the union said.

PAME, the union arm of the Greek Communist party, has been at the forefront of anti-austerity protests that have swept the country in the past two years as it descends deeper into recession.

A popular Communist slogan at demonstrations exhorts workers to "fight back" against those "drinking their blood."

Greece traditionally has trouble filling its blood banks owing to low donor awareness and is frequently forced to rely on imports from other countries, such as Bulgaria.

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