20-year-old Saudi weighs close to 500kgs

Appeals for help for treatment

A Saudi youth who just marked his 20th birthday has every reason to be sad as his weight is about to reach 500 kg to become one of the heaviest persons on earth.

Khaled Mohammed Al Shaeri, who is also suffering from diabetes, says he was shattered after the civil defence aborted a fresh attempt this week to lift him and take him to hospital for treatment. He says he was told they would try again.

“I pray while sitting as I can no longer move. All hospitals which were told about my case have refused to receive me,” he told Kabar newspaper.

Shaeri, who lives in the southern province of Jazan, appealed to Saudi authorities and “benevolent” people to help him in getting treatment. “I just need to have treatment at a specialised hospital. I only want to go on with my life normally,” he said.

Kuwaiti teen films herself before ending life

A 16-year-old Kuwaiti girl stole her father’s gun, went into the bathroom and filmed herself with the mobile phone while aiming the gun at her head before pulling the trigger, a newspaper in the Gulf emirate reported on Monday.

Her father, a police man, and the other family members were jolted out of their beds by the shot in the early hours of the morning.

When he broke the bathroom door, he found his daughter lying dead a pool of blood next to his gun and her mobile phone.

“Police looked into her mobile phone and saw the picture of the girl aiming the gun at her head,” Alwatan daily said, adding that police are questioning the family about the causes that led the girl to end her life.


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