99-year-old woman 'arrested' to check wish off bucket list

Photo: Facebook

Police have 'arrested' a 99-year-old woman who wanted to complete her bucket list.

The woman - known only as Annie - wanted to experience being arrested and locked in a police cell before she dies, and police in the Dutch city of Nijmegen-Zuid have granted her wish with a number of photos on their Facebook page which show the elderly woman happily sitting in a jail cell.

According to the translations on their Facebook post, they claimed it was "a day to remember" for both the police and Annie, who finally got to live out one of her dreams.

The caption also stated how Annie was nearing the milestone age of 100, and had always wanted to 'experience a police cell from within'.

It is unknown how long the request had been on Annie's bucket list, but the photos posted by the police show her to be incredibly gleeful at being given the opportunity to tick off the strange goal.