Abandoned girl without arms... writes and excels

A 15-year-old Sri Lankan girl born armless appeared for her 10th grade Government Certificate Examination (GCE O/L) Ordinary Level exams last week, only to write the exams using her legs, according to a report in Sinhala daily Lakbima.

Dulanjalie Ariyatillake of Katukurunda, Kalutara set an example to the rest of the children of her age by working hard and finally appearing for the 10th examinations.
She writes holding the pen between her tiny toes. She has the ability to write quickly too.
She has been excelling in her studies from her childhood and has always ranked first in the class and hardly below that.
Dulanjali was recognised for her social talents and was asked to act in a movie called Samanala Thatu (Butterfly Wings). She won a special award for her contribution for arts.
Dulanjali likes to further her studies in the IT sector and intends to become a graduate in Information Technology.
Her remarkable story began 15 years ago, when her parents handed over this intelligent girl to Mark Sri Sarana Home as she was handicapped, born without arms and tiny pair of legs. She could not walk as her legs were too tiny and weak.
From her childhood the caretaker was a woman at the Home - Rita Perera. Rita and Father Julian Tisera were her parents at the home. Dulanjiali lives happily with the rest of differently-abled children in the Home and always busy studying with the other children.
Dulanjalie managed to live independently from her tender age says Rita, her caretaker. "She eats using her tiny toes to hold the spoon. She also learns to write in the similar manner and use the mobile phone. She also learned to use the computer," said Rita.
Rita said Dulanjali is a very intelligent child. She was ranked first from the very beginning in her class."
She has learned to sing and play music instruments using her two feet. Dulanjaile spend most of her time with the rest of the students studying.
"She is one of those talented girls in our Home. We have encouraged her to work along with her talent," said Rita. "Her parents visit her often and they came before she went for her 10th exams, said Rita.

[All pictures courtesy: Lakbima] 


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