Barcelona to stage final Spanish bullfight

Last fight on Sunday in the Catalan arena

SPAIN, Madrid : Man and bull will dance with death in a Catalan arena for the last time in history on Sunday before the combat is banned for good from the Spanish region.
But the struggling tradition, in which a matador with cape and sword duels a half-tonne, sharp-horned beast, vows to survive the blow -- even if the bull almost certainly won't.
In Barcelona's Monumental ring, the legendary Jose Tomas will joust on the sands with a charging mass of lean meat and muscle. Other matadors on the day are Juan Mora and a young Catalan, Serafin Marin.
Animal rights activists who have rallied under the banner of protest group Prou, the Catalan word for "enough", say they will stay away from the Barcelona ring, the last still in action in Catalonia. 
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