Couple's matching outfits are secret to 68-year marriage

Photo: Gettyimages

A loved up couple say matching outfits are the secret to their 68-year marriage.

Rosemary and Francis Klontz - who tied the knot almost seven decades ago - first met in the ninth grade, and while he instantly knew she was the one, she took a little bit of convincing because of his questionable fashion sense.

The couple told Inside Edition how Rosemary's solution was help by making sure they wore matching clothes.

Francis said: "Dressing alike is a simple thing for me because I don't have to worry."

It has even become a family tradition after grandson Jonathan told fiancee Kassy the lovely story on their first date.

She added: "On our first date, he told me that his grandparents had matched since the day they started dating and I looked at him and said, 'Can we do that?' and he said yes."

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