Groom accuses bride of not being virgin

All these fake passports are made abroad and sold through middle-men to those interested in getting them. (AP)

A Saudi groom nearly divorced his wife just after their wedding after suspecting she was not virgin when he noticed there was no blood after sleeping with her.

The man angrily stormed out of the bed room and called the bride’s family to give explanation for what happened, Sada newspaper said.

It said the bride’s mother tried to reassure the groom that there was no problem with her daughter but he insisted on taking her to hospital for examination.

“At hospital, the doctor assured the groom that the bride had a slight congenital problem which will not affect their marital life…the groom was convinced his bride was virgin and took her back home…their marriage was saved by a couple of words by the doctor,” the paper said without mentioning where in Saudi Arabia the incident happened.

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