Man stretches out and relaxes on train tracks

Commuters were shocked when a man chose to relax on a busy set of train tracks.

The man spent about 10 minutes leisurely lying between the two rails at Downsview Park station while casually smoking a cigarette.

According to Canoe.com, Geoff Knowles - who spotted the man - said: "He was belligerent and swearing at people (who urged him to leave the tracks and step on to the platform)".

"I phoned 416-808-2222 (TPS non-emergency line) and was asked by the dispatcher to give a major intersection to Downsview Park station".

"She asked me some ridiculous questions -- do I know this man's name? Do I know if he's under the influence?"

TPS spokeswoman Allison Sparkes said officers picked up the man at the station and brought him to hospital.

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