Masazo Nonaka is crowned the world's oldest man

Masazo Nonaka of Japan (R), aged 112, receives a certificate for the Guinness World Records' oldest male person living title from Erika Ogawa (L), vice president of Guinness World Records Japan, in Ashoro, Hokkaido. (AFP)

112-year-old Masazo Nonaka is the world's oldest man and enjoys "hot baths" and "eating sweets".

His granddaughter Yuko Nonaka said: "He needs a wheelchair to move but he is in good condition.

"He loves eating any kinds of sweets - Japanese or western style. He reads newspapers every day and often soaks in the hot springs."

Born in 1905, Masazo married Hatsuno in 1931 and the couple have five children together.

He received the Guinness World Record for being the oldest man on Earth after Spaniard Francisco Nunez Olivera died in February at the age of 113.

Masazo was delighted at the accomplishment, posing for pictures with his family before tucking into "delicious" celebration cake.

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