Missing goat en route to Manchester

Photo: Bang

A missing goat was found 25 miles away from its home trying to catch a tram to Manchester.

Belle the pygmy goat was discovered waiting behind the yellow line at a tram station, a week after being reported missing from went missing from a farm in Greenfield, Saddleworth.

Owner Julie Swindell, 49, told the Metro: "I definitely think she was stolen as she turned up 25 miles away. There is no way she could have got that far on her own."

Most of the commuters were ignoring the goat as she waited on the station platform and it Louise Fields, from the Dogs 4 Rescue in Salford who rescued the goat in Sale, Greater Manchester, after receiving a call from a member of the public.

She said: "It was so funny the way the commuters were just on their phones - how could they resist have snuggles with a goat who was right there?"


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