Newborn twins hold hands in incubator

Newborns reached out across the incubator and clasped onto one another. (YouTube)

Non-identical twins, reach out to each other in incubator after they are reunited for the first time since birth, in a heart-warming that moved family and medics alike.

Twins Blair and Innes, born 10 weeks premature on February 5 in Edinburgh, were rushed to intensive care as doctors feared they might not make a full recovery. They weighed just 3lbs 2oz and 3lbs 3oz respectively.

But doctors were amazed when the boys started breathing on their own a week later, reported ‘DailyMail’.

So the non-identical twins were placed together in one incubator, and that’s when they stunned those watching them. The tiny little boys reached out across the incubator and clasped onto one another!

The adorable moments were captured on camera by their parents Laura and Craig. Lowden, who went into labour at just 30 weeks, said, ‘'It was the most wonderful thing to see. So touching. This will always remain a very special moment for us.”

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