Pakistani man who bought a pet lion cub thinks of the animal as 'his child'

Zulkaif Chaudhary, from Multan city, Pakistan says the wild animal is "like a teddy bear" - however the lion already weighs more than 168 lbs and wolfs down 17lb of raw meat every day.

Chaudhary even allows his pet lion - who has his own deluxe double bed - to play with his young sons.

He said: "He is like my child. He was two months old when I got him. He has been living with me for six months.

"I love lions a lot and I felt like taking care of one. I never discussed with my family and just got him and then told them.

"But they all were very happy to see him. They all come to meet him every day.

"I'm not worried that he will attack us. Even my son comes to play with it.

"I have never chained Babbar nor will I ever because I love him like my own child."

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