Strict parent makes child's friends sign contract before sleepovers

Photo: Bang

A stringent mum has created a contract which her son's friends have to sign before they can sleepover at their house.

The unnamed parent asks that there is no "touching or tickling" allowed, everyone has to get changed into their nightclothes separately, plus "no shouting, interrupting or blasting the TV or iPad".

In the document, which has been shared on Reddit, the mum states: "Touching/tickling of other people will result in immediate physical separation that could remain in place until pick up time. This means we keep our hands to ourselves and off of each other.

"Changing of clothes will be done independently and in private space with the individual not in company of anyone else.

"This means no nudity in front of anyone else, whatsoever.

"Disruptions including excess volume of voice or electronics will result in suspension of such privileges. This means no shouting, interrupting or blasting the TV or iPad.

"Complaining will not be tolerated. Constructive requests are encouraged in a calm, polite tone of voice. This means, you wait to have my attention and acknowledgement before you start speaking to me."

Each guest is asked to sign and agree to the terms and conditions and if they break any rules they are not allowed to have brunch the next morning and may not be invited back.

The document added: "I have read and understand the rules and conditions of having a play date at Ms. [name removed]'s house and I agree to show respect at all times.

"If my behaviour reaches and maintains standards then a fun time will be had and brunch will occur together the following day.

"If my behaviour falls below standards then future play dates or sleep overs might not occur again without serious consideration and stipulation."
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