Wildlife rescue is urging women to send bra clasps to fix turtle shells

A North Carolina wildlife rescue is urging women to send in their "bra clasps" to fix broken turtle shells.

Posting on Facebook, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue have revealed they are seeking the intricate fastening clasps to use alongside small zip ties, which can help turtles heal their broken shells.

The wildlife rescue wrote on Facebook: "We are just overwhelmed with people offering to mail us clasps etc. I think we have easily responded to ten thousands people and we just can't keep up with the volume coming in.

"Please take a few minutes to read through some of the post as most of the questions are answered here already. I have a feeling we will have way more clasps than we can use now.

"We have so many other things we really need to help with the turtles so if I can ask a huge favor. Please just donate the money you planned to spend on shipping. If everyone did this the turtles would never want for anything again. We help so many animals here and our donations have been really down lately.

"Here is a link for a $3 donation

Paypal.me/waterfowlrescue/3 (sic)"

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