Woman whose sister has AIDS wins son's custody

An Abu Dhabi court sided with a divorced woman and granted her the right for her son’s custody despite her ex-husband’s claim that her sister had AIDS and lives with them in the same house, a newspaper said on Sunday.

The man, seeking to strip his ex-wife the custody of their little son, also told court that she is not eligible for such a right because she goes out to pubs frequently.

The court rejected the case on the grounds AIDS is not transmitted through normal contact among people living in the same place and that the ex-husband failed to produce evidence that the woman cares for pubs more than for her son.

“The court found that witnesses who testified in court that they saw the woman in pubs are themselves night revelers and pub customers..on this basis the court rejected the case and allowed the woman to retain custody of her son,” Emarat Al Youm daily said.


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