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29 November 2023

Woman axes harasser, presents head to cops

By Staff/Agencies

In an act of sheer determination, a married woman, in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, axed her harasser and presented his head to the police.

According to a report in Times of India, Rajkumari called Shyamlal Yadav, who allegedly sexually harassed her numerous times, to the fields and axed his head off with four strokes. She then took his severed head to the police station.

She has been arrested for the ‘crime’.

 Mom jailed for leaving six-year-old girl alone for five days

Six-year-old Shekinha Terry had to live on Monster Munch and water after being left home alone by her mother for five days.

Scared Shekinha was abandoned in a freezing, scruffy council house covered in cat mess.

Shekinha's mother Natalie Terry, 28, has been jailed for 18 months for child cruelty.

Shekinha woke up one day to find her mother nowhere. She waited for some time but there was no trace of Natalie.

She then took off her school uniform and watched TV. For five days, Shekinha ate pickled onion flavour Monster Munch, yoghurt and drank just water.

Finally, after shaking and sobbing hysterically, she knocked on a neighbour's door and told her that her mother has left her for five days and hadn't returned.

When Terry finally returned, she asked a neighbour if she had seen her daughter. The Sun reported that when her neighbour informed Shekinha was with police, the mother did not want to get her back.

Pregnant teen raped, killed by lover’s pal

Nikitta, Carl Whant (SUPPLIED)

A man raped and murdered his close friend's nine-month pregnant girlfriend.

After killing Nikitta, Carl Whant, 27, set fire to her bed to cover up his crime, a court heard yesterday.

Whant cold bloodedly plunged a knife into the stomach of Nikitta Grender, 19, which penetrated through to the liver of her unborn baby daughter, the jury was told.

The gory episode did not end there; he stabbed Nikitta in the neck and severed an artery.

He set fire to the bed to make it look like Nikitta had died in a house fire.

Nikitta was just two weeks away from giving birth to her baby. She and boyfriend Ryan Mayes, 18, decided to name the child Kelsey-May.

The Sun reported, that Ryan "idolised" Whant and regarded him as a father figure. The two used to work together as salesmen for a local window company.

Nikitta was weary abou their close proximity. She doubted that when they went out, they used to indulge in drinking and taking cocaine.

Whant, of Newport, denies murder, child destruction, rape and arson. The case continues.

Man steals girlfriend's engagement ring

With the promise to marry, a man gifted his girlfriend a diamond ring. But soon he couldn't resist the temptation of the diamond ring and stole it from her.

The suspect asked his girlfriend to hand him the engagement ring, a 1-2 karat diamond ring valued at $5,000, to show her a magic trick.

Magic trick or not, he surely vanished with her diamond ring.

The suspect ran out of the residence and down the street to an unknown location. The suspect has not been located at this time.

And the police are still searching for him.

Snoozing intruder arrested

Loud snooze can get one into trouble. This is what happened to an intruder when he broke into a Victoria home and fell asleep.

The man fell asleep at the dining room table and started snoozing loud.

The loud snooze woke the residents and they were surprised to see someone at their house snoozing away to glory.

At around 3:20 am the owner of the house called the police who detected strong alcohol smell emitting from the man.

They tried to wake him up but it took some time before he came to his senses. He resisted the officers and bit one of them.

The man will be held in court on charges of being unlawfully in a dwelling and assaulting a peace officer.

Steve Jobs action figure pulled from market

The company that began advertising for an incredibly lifelike Steve Jobs doll won't sell the figurines after all because of pressure from family and Apple lawyers.

In Icons had planned to offer the 1-foot-tall, lifelike figure dressed in Jobs' trademark black mock turtleneck, rimless glasses and jeans.

But the San Jose Mercury News reports the company posted a statement on its website Sunday saying it had received "immense pressure" to drop the plan and made the decision out of its "heartfelt sensitivity to the feelings of the Jobs family."

The iconic Apple co-founder died Oct. 5 of complications from pancreatic cancer.

In icons had intended to start shipping the doll in February. The company says any money received for pre-orders will be returned.

Mom caught with pot visiting juvenile son

Authorities in Los Angeles juvenile facility caught a mother with drugs while visiting her son at a juvenile probation camp.

Sheriff's Sergeant Raymond Roth says deputies found several bundles of pot and a phony medical marijuana card in Rhonda Gonzales' purse.

The authorities are now stepping up searches of visitors, because of rise in drug problems at the facility.