Woman offers sexual favours for McNuggets

A Los Angeles woman was being held on $US2000 bail today after being arrested on charges of offering sexual favours in return for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.
Khadijah Baseer, 31, is apparently homeless and has had a history of run-ins with the law, according to Burbank police.
She was arrested on January 11 at a Burbank McDonald's after she approached the restaurant's manager, told him she was hungry and offered sexual favours in return for food, specifically McNuggets, The Los Angeles Times said.
She also was seen opening the car doors of customers in the drive-through lane, police told the Burbank Leader.
"She solicits money from customers and is always causing some sort of disturbance," the manager, who was not identified, told police, according to Sgt Darin Ryburn.
Police were called because Ms Baseer refused to leave the restaurant property.
The woman's previous run-ins with law enforcement are not known. She faces charges of suspicion of prostitution, The Times said.

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