Woman smuggles man out of jail in suitcase

Prison inmate Juan Ramirez Tijerina is curled inside a suitcase after he tried to escape from prison with the help of his girlfriend following a conjugal visit in Chetumal, Mexico. Ramirez is serving a 20-year sentence for a 2007 conviction for illegal weapons possession. His girlfriend was arrested and charges are pending. (AP)

There are more ways than one to escape from jail.

A woman has been arrested for to smuggle her husband out of jail in a suitcase, according to a report on the Yahoo!7 website.

Quintana Roo Police in Mexico say the woman had been there for a conjugal visit, and when she was leaving, staff at the prison in Chetumal noticed that she was pulling a black bulky suitcase on wheels.

Staff noticed her because she seemed 'nervous'.

When they asked to inspect the suitcase of 19-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona, they found her partner, Juan Ramirez Tijerina curled up inside.

Her partner, Ramirez, is currently serving a 20 year sentence for possessing illegal weapons.

She was charged and arrested for the stunt.

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