Kenny's "no sell" plan to hurt Liverpool

Liverpool fans do not yet know the fate of Kenny Dalglish.

The King’s crown may yet be taken away given the kind of clearance the club is going through.

However, Kenny himself seems confident that he will be there next season and so will many of “his” players.

The manager says he is only looking to strengthen over the summer and has no plans to sell any of the current squad.

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Which is not the best of news for Anfield die-hards given that the squad has largely under-performed and despite a Carling Cup, fell away in dismal fashion towards the end of the season.

Fabio Aurelio, Joe Cole and Alberto Aquilani, lead a list of players whose fate hands in the balance.

Bring in to that mix Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez and you wonder which players Kenny is looking to keep and why.

“We are not looking to move anyone out. The only one who will be moving out will be Fabio as his contract is up,” said Dalglish

“All we want to do is to add to the start we have had (with the squad he has assembled) and see what happens to us.

“The transfer market brings up surprises but what they will be I can't help you, I'm not clairvoyant. But we are not actively looking to move anyone out.”

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Hamburg have tracking Kuyt, while Rodriguez wrote on Twitter: “Last home game and had a goodbye to the fans. Thank you very much to the people of Liverpool for much love”.

Which brings Kenny’s new bunch into question: Charlie Adams, Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll.

“Most of our plans are in place. We need to get the work done and get on with it,” he added.

The club is certainly getting on with things after director of football Damien Comolli left the club last month.

“It is an ongoing process and not much has changed. Maybe because the transfer window opens there will be some business done - but that is the same for everyone,” he said.

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